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Today(actually last semester)in my Humanities class we were studying the Monomyth of The Hero aka The Heroic Journey. My professor assigned us this assignment: to write The Heroic Journey of any character, real or fictional. I immediately thought of Harry Potter and in 10mins. finished writing out Harry`s Heroic Journey. This was the easiest assignment ever and I even had to leave some things out since I exceeded the word limit. I received an A. I am proud to be a Potterhead.
Today (well a few days ago) I was walking down the hall to go to my locker. After I was just about to the last corner I saw a girl walking a few people ahead of me wearing a purple hoodie, now, this wasn't just some 'purple hoodie' the first thing I noticed was the Starkid logo on it. So being the Starkid that I am, I slip in front of the people ahead of me and try to catch up with her. Let me just make it completely clear that this person is a total stranger. I get behind her, tap her on the shoulder, and say "can I give you a high five for your hoodie?" she laughs, gives me a high five, and we continue down the hall talking about the beauty of Starkid. I don't know her name, what grade she's in, or anything about her. But mark my words Purple Starkid Hoodie Girl, I will find you again and O(ur)LW(ill)B(e)M...
One day during chemistry at school, I was bored so I wrote 'Expelliarmus!' on the desk. The next day, I saw that someone else had written 'Stupefy!' underneath it. I then wrote 'Rictusempra!'. The next day, I saw they had written 'Petrificus Totalus!' We have now been dueling via desk for a month :). MLIM.
Today (well actually on Christmas day), my little 4 year-old cousin got a Harry Potter wand that lit up at the tip and spent the time of his life running around the house yelling, "Expelliarmus!" and "Expecto Patronum!" at everyone and everything. Raised. Right. HisLIW
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Today, I was in Irish College when we had singing class , the teacher didn't know our names so decided to call us by Harry Potter names. A black haired boy with glasses was Harry , red head freckly boy was Ron , I was Luna and My friend was Snape .Then to warm up we sang the potter pals mysterious ticking noise .BEST SINGING CLASS EVER!!!!! MSCLIM(My Singing Classes Life Is Magical!).
I went to the cinemas to watch DHP2 at midnight with my friend. Her and I were both Slytherin but we also were accompanied by a Gryffindor and a Hufflepuff. Deciding that the surrounding crowd wasn't NEARLY excited enough, we proceeded to run through the halls screaming "FLOO POWDER POWER!" at the top of our lungs, have a full scale wand duel outside of the promenade, and break out into random song and dance. Songs included "Granger Danger", "Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts", and "The Coolest Girl." Another guy we didn't know started playing songs from Draco and the Malfoys, totally trying to drown us out. Just as we were about to give up and head back inside a guy watching us yelled "SHOW HIM HOW IT'S DONE!" and filmed us kicking butt. I made more friends there than I could anywhere else. The movies/series may be over but we sure as hell aren't through. Potter isn't just a fandom: it's a family. Long live Harry Potter!
My family and I recently moved into a new house. We have a cupboard under the stairs. I have gotten my family to naturally call it Harry Potter's Closet. MLIM
I'm only in middle school, but I have my heart set on going to NYU for college. My dad said that Quidditch is a ridiculous sport and that no actual colleges have Quidditch teams. I proceeded to go to the IQA website and found a list of participating colleges/universities. On that list? Harvard, Yale, Michigan State, and... NYU. If I didn't know where I was going before, I do now. MyLifeIsMagical!
My sister keeps leaving her phone around the house, so this time i decided to teach her a lesson. I changed all of her contact names to Harry Potter characters, and the home phone to Hogwarts. So when she used the home phone to find hers, it rang with the Harry Potter theme song and read aloud "Call From Hogwarts." HLIM
When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 came out in theaters, my two friends and I decided to go to the 9:30pm screening of Part 1, and then the midnight screening of Part 2. Between movies, the three of us went downstairs to get a coffee at Starbucks to keep us awake. While trying to decide what to get, I looked up and saw a sign that had three drinks on it: 'Harry Potter' (a hot coffee&chocolate blend), 'Ron Weasley' (a hot caramel swirl) and 'Hermione' (a strawberry and white chocolate smoothie). I cannot explain my satisfaction when the man called out my order of "ONE HARRY POTTER!" Our Night Was Magical, MLIM.
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