MyLifeIsG. Life rocks today.
Today in church I saw an abnormally tall, hairy man with an umbrella. It's 90 degrees and sunny. Hagrid has come to tell me it's my time to go to Hogwarts. Finally.
Today, I found out that in some American Universities they play Muggle Quidditch, and the snitch is a person dressed in yellow doing anything in their ability to get away from the Seekers. I think I have found my calling.
Today, I trained my dog to play dead everytime I yell 'Avada Kedavra' at her. It easily makes my lifetime.
Today , I went to the new Harry Potter movie with a friend . At the part where Dumbledore died , a man close to the front row yelled "NO!" and ran out the emergency exit door . It made my day.
Today, I bought a footlocker trunk and a maroon sunggie. After I paid, the guy behind the counter said, "Have fun at Hogwarts!" It made my life.
Today, I was driving and I noticed a Geico billboard that had been changed. Someone crossed out "So easy a caveman can do it" and spray painted "So easy a MUGGLE can do it." I want to find the person responsible and marry them.
Today, my dad was calling the computer shop to ask them why after a month they still hadn't fixed my computer. The shop is called "Computer Wizards." My dad told them "You're more like computer muggles!" I am so proud.
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