MyLifeIsG. Life rocks today.
Today in webpage design, we had to make a website based on our favorite sports team. Who did I choose? The Holyhead Harpies of course! MLIM
Today, after starting at a brand new school in a whole new state, I was very nervous. However, when the teacher asked who our favorite villain was ten people blurted out Voldemort. I think I'll fit in just fine.
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Was just told to lick Voldy's elbow by MysterySeeker. I am off to find the Dark Lord! MyLifeShallSoonBeMagical
Yesturday, I bought a very large Sorting Hat. Me and my family proceeded to go through the grocery store, me wearing the hat as I walked around. I made many people smile, but did see a few Muggles. MLIM!
Today, on the way to school, I saw a car with the number plate MUGGL. It made me smile. :)
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On my first day of English class this year my teacher walked in and said "There will be no foolish chatter and silly discussions in this class" My friends and I then decided to reference her as Snape outside of class. Joke was on us though. It has been 3 weeks and she has made a Harry Potter reference everyday. MCIM
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Yesterday in science I was bored so on my desk I wrote "The Chambers of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware." Today I got into class and saw that someone had replied, "Don't worry, I've got the elder wand." Later at volleyball practice I heard someone talking about how they saw the note written on the desk. I felt accomplished. MLIM.
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Today during literature class, we had to connect a quote about having to make decisions but not really making them to another work of literature. Obviously, I connected it to Deathly Hallows. i said that when *SPOILER* Ron leaves Harry and Hermione and tells Hermione to choose, she stays with Harry but still cares about Ron, so she never chose between the two. When my teacher read this, he said "So you can connect anything to Harry Potter?" and I said "Pretty much." MLIM
The day that it snowed heaps in Christchurch I forced my family to help me build Harry Potter and Voldemort snowmen outside our house. They were facing eachother and having a duel. Heaps of peole got out of their cars to take photos and one couple yelled at me to "Make sure voldemort had the elder wand" Then, the second time it snow i woke up and got out of bed to find my family building Hogwarts in the back yard, I have taught them well, MLIM!
I had guests from Belgium in my French class today. They were explaining how they learned to speak English. They said they wanted to read Harry Potter, but it wasn't out in French yet. Made my life. TLAM
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